All stock image/licensing inquiries are welcome. My archive has over 8000 high quality images from various locations.


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Photograph from Larkollen Bay licensed to IFC Bank.

Most of the images are produced by full-frame DSLR cameras with top quality lenses and each image is carefully captured like the fine art print work. Locations like Rondane National Park, Geiranger Fjord (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Tyrifjorden, Vøringsfossen, Norefjell, Jæren, Verdens Ende, Hvaler, Larkollen, Asdøljuvet Gorge, Flø etc. are well covered. My archive consists of grand/intimate landscapes, close-ups and macro work of wildlife, insects, flowers and various details found in nature.


norske landskapsbilder, naturbilder, arkivbilder, bildebyrå, bildesalg

Photograph from Sognsvann licensed to DNT (The Norwegian Trekking Association).

Contact me with brief information about your company, which image(s) you want, preferred image size, details about usage and/or the estimated print run. Prices are based on standard stock industry fees and the particular usage, or project. If needed, an on-line gallery is created on my website exclusively for you (not visible to other visitors) where you can view and choose the images you need. The terms and conditions will be presented upon information about your project. My digital images are typically used for corporate websites (banks, health care institutions, travel agencies etc.), books, media marketing and web publishing, but there is almost no limit to what you can use my images for.


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