How Do I Purchase A Print?


Hover your mouse over the photograph that you would like to order and select "Buy". At the check-out, you can choose between credit card-payment or PayPal.

You can also e-mail me, or order a Fine Art Print, by clicking one of the displayed options below each photograph (Order a Fine Art Print/Bestill dette bildet) and e-mail to us the print title, preferred size, with/without framing, name and address and any questions that you might have. *This is the ordering option when you want to order Fine Art Prints that are larger than 76 x 100cm. (30" x 40"). We will respond as soon as possible for further details and answer any questions regarding ordering, prints etc. before we print your Fine Art Print. Read about Fine Art Prints below and see prices at the end of this of page.


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Fine Art Prints

All of my photographs are photographed with professional full-frame cameras and high quality equipment. Each and every photograph is captured with utmost care and attention to details gathered through years of experience. Sharpness, colors and overall appearance must meet my high standards before they become available as Fine Art Prints. The printing is done in a professional printer lab by experienced printers.
We use a state-of-the-art LightJet printer system on the finest papers available today to achieve the ultimate viewing experience, quality and archival longevity of the prints. All photographs should be viewed on color calibrated monitors for best representation of the actual prints.
 Each photograph is extensively test-printed and quality controlled before shipping and we guarantee a unique, high quality Fine Art Print. Each of the Fine Art Prints are personally hand signed in the lower right corner on the white border surrounding the print while canvases are discreetly hand signed on the photograph itself. If you have any specific requests regarding a particular type of paper/canvas, this can be arranged for you. If you have questions and would like personal assistance, please take contact with us.


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Medium and Large

40 x 60 cm. (16″ x 24″) : 354 USD/258 E

50 x 80 cm. (20″ x 30″) : 469 USD/339 E

76 x 100 cm. (30" x 40") : 499 USD/372 E



47 x 80 cm. (19" x 32") : 239 USD/178 E

67 x 100 cm. (26" x 40") : 249 USD/186 E


The prices includes hand-signed prints with white borders (passpartout) and international delivery at no extra cost.
Larger sizes or canvas prints are also available and additional framing can also be arranged. For larger sizes/canvas, please email your request.
The sizes above might vary slightly depending on the format/crop of each print.


The prices above are the total prices and there are no additional costs.
The usual turnover for Fine Art Prints are within 2-3 weeks for international delivery and 1-2 weeks within Norway.

All galleries are updated regularly. If you don`t find a Fine Art Print that was available earlier on this website, it may no longer be available.
Please, take contact with me for further details and arrangements.


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